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Litecoin Support Phone Number:- +1【(856)-352-3248】

In case you are surprised that why would anyone need Litecoin Support Number then please read below:- I

Litecoin Cash (LCC) is a Litecoin fork which owns a higher max supply, runs the SHA256 mining algorithm, and havinghealthier difficulty adjustment. The Litecoin cash supposes everyone with Litecoin to claim the new coin. Superficially, when the fork happens in Feb., each Litecoinpossessor will have ten times as much worth of Litecoin cash. Once the wallets are free, users can claim their free LCC using a private key. With the wallet, users will get a menu of items that can help them to import the private keys and get their Litecoin Cash.


Litecoin cash (known by the symbol LCC) goes on its own blockchain and LCC combines features from various well-established coins:

  • Lesser transaction fees, improvedstrain adjustment and mined with SHA256 (compared to Litecoin)
  • Quicker, inexpensive, more bandwidth and better difficulty retargeting (compared to Bitcoin)
  • ProvisionsSegwit and has much sooner block times (equated to Bitcoin Cash)

Key Benefits of Litecoin CASH:-

  • Optimized for the Real World:- Transactions with Litecoin cash are 90% cheaper than Litecoin.
  • Slow-Start Control:- In order to avoiddominant early miners having biased advantage, block rewards will start at 0.25 LCC and grow to 250 LCC over the first 2000 blocks after the fork. The first 24 blocks after the fork will be mined at leaststruggle. After this, DarkGravity will regulate the difficulty based on perceived block generation time. The 250 LCC block return (comparable to 25 LTC) will be split at the same chain heights as Litecoin.
  • Small Premine:- An equal amount to less than 1% of mixing money supply (less than 0.65% of total money fund) at fork time was paid to a development fund
  • 10:1 Claim Ratio:- For every 1 LTC any user held at the fork block, they can claim 10 LCC.
  • SHA256 Mining:- After the fork block, Litecoin Cash swapped to SHA256 proof-of-work hashes. This empowers a new use for formerlyoutdatedBitcoin mining hardware.
  • Network Resilience:-Mining struggle is recalculated every block, using Evan Duffield’s confirmedDarkGravity V3 algorithm from Dash. This delivers more expectable block times as well as network protection from multiplebounding.

The Litecoin Cash LCC project is coming under inspection after verification that it was not an official fork of Litecoin. Therefore the project might point to a sting or just an idea by Litecoin fans wanting a fork.

EXCHANGES to Buy Litecoin Cash:

Users can purchase Litecoin Cash at the following exchanges:

  • Mercatox
  • Exrates
  • CryptoBridge
  • SouthXchange
  • Trade Satoshi
  • YoBit


The development team has delivered both a light and full wallet for storing coins. The light Electrum wallet doesn’t need the full blockchain to run although, only a desktop version for Windows and Mac is presentlypresented. Coinomiwallet delivers a more practical mobile wallet for those on the go.


The value proposition of Litecoin Cash is definitely an exciting one. One of the keybenefits of cryptocurrency is the very fact that new thoughts can be built on the back of proven ones. As supplementary forks come to market they are required to revolutionize to bring real-world assistances to potential coin holders. By deriving technology from variouscryptos, LCC targets to generate a Frankenstein style crypto with all the best features fixed on. This may verify to be a good strategy however cryptos like Litecoin and Bitcoin already have one major bonus,having the formerlygoerbenefit.

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Many users have started complaining about the litecoin cash wallet that it doesn’t get unlocked and doesn’t get synced with the network. Many users have reported for the wallet that percentage always descents whenever they try and open it up. If you are also struggling with these issues contact our LITECOIN SUPPORT NUMBER +1-856-352-3248

Siacoin Support Number

Siacoin Support Phone Number +1【(856)-352-3248】

In case you are surprised that why would anyone need Siacoin Support Number then please read below:-

Sia is a project which delivers a decentralized and protected cloud-based storage platform where data is stowed on the blockchain. The Siacoin (SC) is a cryptocoin which has been intended for use on the Sia Platform. This concept first textured back in 2013, at HackMIT, and now the project is run by Nebulous Inc.  There is a humble idea behind it that permits anyone to lease their storing space and get plunders in return for this use. Siacoin (SC) has been creating good progress in the cryptocurrency market. It has few key features that make it stand apart from the other cryptocurrencies and makes it a good option for ICO tokens too.

Buying and Storing Siacoins

1: Acquire a Cryptocurrency (BTC/ETH/LTC)

In order to get a cryptocurrency like BTC/ETH, transform your fiat currency to BTC/ETH on any standardcryptocurrency marketplace. For changing fiat into BTC, you can use this guide: Buying BitcoinsUsingany Debit/Credit Card.

 2: Crypto to Siacoin

There are few key exchanges from where you can exchange BTC/ETC forSiacoin:

  • Binance-SC/BTC, SC/ETH
  • Bittrex– SC/BTC, SC/ETH, SC/USDT
  • Poloniex-SC/BTC, SC/USDT
  • Bitsquare-SC/BTC

Out of all these, Shapeshift is the relaxed way to get ahold of your first Siacoin.

Problems resolved by SC

In outdated cloud storage, users have to upload their data into the cloud of a solitary company like Apple or DropBox. They can simply access all of your stored data and info as they have all the control.  Today, confidentiality has become the major necessity in confirming the security of data.  Therefore, Sia allows the users to store their significant data in the cloud storage without misplacing control. Once the file is uploaded to its network, it will be encoded and then uploaded to a large number of hosts, where no-one can operate your data or disturb your secrecy.

Key Features of SIA:

  1. Privacy: Associated to other cloud storage providers, it confirms a higher level of confidentiality by providing encrypted file storage. Only the user can access and control their data with decryption keys.
  • Cost effective: It bidsinexpensive and reasonable cloud storage in contrast to other cloud storage providers.
  • Uptime: If we relate it with other cloud service providers, it delivers better uptime because it stocks your data in tiny pieces of files on dozens of nodes across the world.
  • Open source: It is an open source that empowers the user to build groundbreaking applications on top of the Sia API.

Siacoin Summary

Sia has a lot going for it, and it’s not tough to see why investors and early adopters are enthusiastic. This blockchain-based cloud-storage result is a tendency in every industry. Sia is dignified for success with a mix of these key ingredients:

  • The Sia network is a P2P cloud storage marketplace whichusagesblockchain technology to path smart contracts between users and benefactors.
  • Sia uses anevidence of storage validation model, along with robust encryption to provide data security.
  • Siacoin is used to wage storage workers, and it can also be mined by contract processors.
  • Sia is best termed as the blockchain-based lovechild of Airbnb and Dropbox and can only flourish if it pushes for quick mass adoption.


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