Astral Wallet Support Phone Number:- +1-877-753-8094

Why Need Of Astral wallet Support Number Read Below Article:-

Astral is an online based stellar wallet with plethora of multiple user-friendly features. Key fact with astral wallet is that that it delivers humble and convenient access to your XLM whenever the users need it, allowing them to quickly send and accept Lumens as compulsory.

Whenever user proceed with sign up for an Astral account, all eligible accounts are mechanically enrolled in an inflation pool, receiving inflationary XLM every week based on their account balance. Two-factor authentication is also compulsory with Astral wallet, while user’s data is scrambled with AES-256 and email authorization is required whenever any user withdraw funds to new addresses. There’s also the additional suppleness of being able to generate multiple addresses for easy funds organization.

However, before selecting an online wallet it’s significant to be aware of the safety risks related with online wallets. If you have a large balance you want to stock, guardianship of your XLM in an offline wallet is extensively seen as a harmless option.

Users are counselled to update the App or download the app from the official inks provided as many cases of hacking have happened. Many issues reported by users who are using astral wallet is listed below:

Maintenance Issue with Astral wallet:-

Many users have faced issue with Astralwall as it is not being maintained. Users catch it for not being up to date connected too many digital currencies. For instant help on this contact our Astral Wallet Support Number +1-877-753-8094

Security issue with wallet:-

Astral lacks has the feature of two factor Authentication as well as multi-signature addresses yet so many incidents of hacks and theft are reported. Users account have been chopped many times because of this. If you need support on this Contact our Astral wallet support Number +1-877-753-8094

Scam clone Download Issue:-

Many users have reported that they required a new binary whenever they use to download Astral wallet App, and after connecting that they came to know they have downloaded the app through hackers link, because of which they have lost many of their coins. If you are facing such problems contact our Astral wallet Support Number +1-877-753-8094

Many users have complained that there are risks of losing funds as there have been cases of users misplacing their funds earlier. If appropriate care is not taken while downloading the app or updating the app and the links are monitored carelessly then there are chances of losing the funds.

Many users have reported the issue of wrong Passwords; if they forgot to set up the password and try to send coins without password or with password it says “Wrong password”. When they try to abandon the transaction some red bar pop ups each time. If you need help on these problems contact our Astral support Toll free Number +1-877-753-8094.

ATOMIC Wallet Support Phone Number:- +1-877-753-8094

Why Need Of Atomic wallet Support Number Read Below Article:-

Atomic Wallet is a desktop wallet in-built with security, anonymity and decentralization in mind. This indicates that users are empowered to hold their own keys, which are encrypted and kept only on their own device, they can have control over their own funds and can efficiently swap tokens without requiring to go through a centralized exchange. Atomic Wallet was intended to influence the potential of atomic swops and become part of a fully-fledged decentralized cryptocurrency ecosystem. This is well-matched with Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora. The wallet makes use of BitTorrent technology for distributed order book and atomic swap technology for cross-chain custody free exchange. Atomicwallet also features instantaneous exchange selections – Changelly and ShapeShift. Atomic wallet delivers support for more than 300 crypto-currencies.

Atomic Wallet Swap features:-

  • Cross-chain Atomic Swaps in-between at all BTC-LTC-QTUM pair
  • Blockchain-based peer-to-peer order implementation
  • Wild and protected data transfer with Atomic Distributed Orderbook
  • Custody free explanation without any third-party menaces and fees
  • Stretchy Market order margin and fast rate apprise
  • Trading history blockchain storing


  • Commanding, yet humble and user-friendly.
  • Support available for atomic swaps.
  • Supports supplementary decentralized currency trading.
  • Supports anextensive range of coins.
  • None of your vibrant data is deposited by anyone excepting you


  • The user himself is solely responsible for their wallet’s security.
  • It is critical that they keep their password and backup phrase safe.
  • No hardware wallet integration at the time of inscription.
  • Support is available for many shitcoins but no support for iota or nano
  • Sign in issue
  • Funds rearrangement issue
  • Deferment in account verification for most of the users in atomic wallet
  • Wallet up gradation problem which is required time to time
  • Password reset and recovery issue with wallet
  • Online support dispute with support center
  • Transactional issue(deposit and withdrawal) in the wallet

Security and migration:-

  • Strong encryption and custody-free solution assurances a high level of security
  • Users can transfer private keys in different formats.
  • Private Key storing is personal, which means the funds are measured by its users.

Having said that many users are stressed with transaction issue Atomic wallet. They are not capable to send or admit bitcoins or many other altcoins, which is growing the risk of loss of profit for them. Some users have also carped for update issue for atomic wallets. If they have tried to update the firmware from one version to another version the Atomic wallet has got trapped on update.

To help the concerned users Atomic wallet has started its own live support system to provide assistance to its users.

ATOMIC WALLET SUPPORT NUMBER 24/7 +1-877-753-8094 :-

This Live support team is functioning round the clock throughout the year for the atomic wallet. User’s problems will be determined in as much less time as achievable. Users are commanded to be ready with their registered id and registered mobile number details. Don’t get a fright in any problem contact ATOMIC WALLET Support Number +1-877-753-8094