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In case you are surprised that why would anyone need Neo Support Number then please read below:-

NEO is a blockchain platform that has been termed as China’s answer to Ethereum. NEO facilitates a dual-layered blockchain industrialized by On chain DNA which is appropriate for creating distributed applications and token sales. NEO cannot be mined, and it’s not separable as well. It signifies a share of the NEO market and is therefore a security. The NEO ICO happened in July 2016. Neo is an example of special cryptocurrency which seeks to combine special digital assets and cryptocurrencies. NEO was previously known as ANTSHARES which was developed in 2014.


Neo was the first open source and decentralized cryptocurrency from CHINA. Few benefits are as follows:-

  • Digital Assests:It converts traditional assets into digital ones.
  • NEO can’t be forked.
  • Owns two tokens, NEO and GAS.
  • Smart contracts
  • NEO isn’t divisible like other crypto currencies.
  • It is a kind of investment token with hard cap of 100 million which all are pre-mined.


  • Both have the ability to do atomic swaps
  • Both are open source and decentralized one.
  • Both can digitize physical assets and provide digital identity.
  • Both works on smart contracts


  • NEO is china based while Ethereum is present worldwide.
  • NEO can’t be forked though ethereum can.
  • GAS token in NEO is finite while that’s not with ETHEREUM.
  • NEO can’t be mined as all tokens were pre-mined but mining can be done with ethereum.
  • Ethereum is focused on Dapps while NEO is focused on Future market demands


Multi-Asset Support:- NEO is designed from the ground-up to maintenance frequent types of assets.

Digital Certificates:- NEO practices digital certificates to form the basis of its trustless ecosystem. Users never required to belief a centralized party or organization.

NeoVM:- NEO has a lightweight load which is known as the NeoVM/NEO Virtual Machine. This virtual machine offers smaller startup times with well-organized execution.

dBFT Consensus Mechanism:- NEO is also distinguished from other blockchains due to its exclusive compromise mechanism. That mechanism contains using Byzantine Fault Tolerance algorithms to reach consensus and guarantee the conclusiveness of transactions. It also confirms that the system keeps its conclusiveness and availability as long as Byzantine fault happens on less than one third of all nodes.

Original Cross-chain Interoperation Protocol:- NEO’s cross-chain interoperation protocol provides support for atomic asset exchanges, which actually indicates transactions are faster and they don’t require any middleman. NEO’s platform also permits for a distributed transaction protocol and guarantees the operation consistency of smart contracts executed on diverse chains.

Superconductive Trade Mechanism:- NEO simplifies the P2P exchange of digital assets. Buyers and sellers of digital assets and currencies will be controlled peer-to-peer without the need for third party exchanges.

Turing-complete Smart Contract:- Turing-complete smart contracts have a high inevitability and decisiveness. NEO’s smart contracts supports parallel operation, sharing, and infinite scalability when run in NEOVM.

Advanced Smart Contract Customizability: NEO is well known for the customizability of its smart contracts. Contracts can be personalized to a high level by means of languages like C++, Java, and Go. That means developers can generate advanced smart contracts deprived of being enforced to learn a new programming language.


Neo has lately lifted ADX from ETH and that is a huge statement. What is really going to fixe any alt money forward is the partnerships they make and NEO is doing just that. We can also see NEO as a very virtuous investment because of the location. China is the largest market and they will be more pertinent to provision NEO than ETH. NEO is still pretty low if any user were to consider its value to ETH. In short, we can say that NEO is the first true and prepare opponent to ETH; above and beyond of course BTC.

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